Beagle Versus The Trash Can!

Beagle Versus The Trash Can!

Penny, the sweet beagle, has a few trust issues with the kitchen trash can. She’s not quite sure why this trash can is just laying there on the ground so suspiciously. I mean think about it – it must be a trap! She’s determined to figure out what it’s doing there and is making sure she sniffs every inch of it, up and down.

She’s probably wondering what happened to all the yummy trash. Either way, you can tell she doesn’t quite trust it and seems very suspicious despite all the sniffing she’s doing. She even lets out a couple AROOs!

You’ll have to see it for yourself.

Watch Penny The Beagle Versus The Trash Can Here!

Watch the video below to see the funny beagle!

Feature Image Source: valisai

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