His Labrador Is Suffering From Terminal Cancer... What He Did For Her? Tear-Jerking

His Labrador Is Suffering From Terminal Cancer... What He Did For Her? Tear-Jerking

Bella the chocolate labrador is the pride and joy of her daddy, Marine veteran Robert Kugler.

So in May 2015, when Robert received the heartbreaking news that Bella’s shoulder injury was actually cancer that had spread to the lungs, he knew he had to make all the time she had left amazing. Bella was given three to six months to live, and doctors amputated one of her legs to ease the pain.

But six months passed, and Bella still stood strong. Robert, frightened of coming home one day to find her gone, decided to bring her along to a Marine’s ball in Chicago. But the short ride to Chicago turned into a full-on road trip when Robert decided to keep driving east after the ball.

Robert’s aim was for Bella to see as much of the country as she could. He brought her to numerous cities and they explored famous landmarks, national parks, ball games, and many more. Once they were through with the North East, they headed south through DC, then up to the Florida Keys, stopping many times to explore the places between.

Robert, who lost his brother in Iraq and his sister to a car accident, said, “When you see lives end shortly before people get to do many of things they dream of doing, it changes your perspective on life. I feel like right now this is my purpose. The chapter in my life right now is just exploring with my dog.”

The extended road trip has lasted eight months, although they have stopped to stay longer in certain areas. Right now this dynamic duo is in Florida, but are thinking about driving back to Nebraska before going west. Robert is so prepared for this adventure that he’s ended his lease and put his belongings in storage.

Robert has been documenting their trips on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and has gained quite the social media following. When fans ask how they can be of help, Robert says the biggest need of assistance is a place to stay when they get to new areas. So far, Bella has beaten her prognosis by a full year. It looks like there’s much more she needs to see before leaving peacefully.

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Feature Image Source: Robert Kugler

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