How Dexter Learned To Walk Like A Human

How Dexter Learned To Walk Like A Human

Dexter joined his forever family in June of 2015. It was a happy time for everyone, until the accident.

It was only nine months later that their worst nightmare would come true. Dexter had made his way out of the yard and was on his own exploring. Tim, his dad, went after him but he was too fast and dashed in front of a moving can. He had hurt his front legs and was hurt pretty bad.

Dexter’s family lived in the middle of the mountains, so it would take a while to get to the vet. They didn’t know if Dexter would make it, but this champ wasn’t going to give up that easily. Amazingly, Dexter had beat the odds stacked against him, and pulled through a long recovery.

Today, Dexter remains a positive dog who is just happy to be alive. Even though he lost one of his front legs, and had one pinned to the elbow, he never gave up on learning to walk again. He even had to wear a cone for nearly a year! Dexter’s mom shared that he learned a “tripod peg leg hope walk” that helped him to move around during the early stages. But, for a dog like Dexter, that simply wasn’t enough. He needed to go faster if he was going to keep exploring.

To everyone’s surprise, Dexter started walking like a human! All by himself, he learned how to walk on his two back legs. He shocked his mother one day when she came outside and he was on the front porch. She had no clue how he managed to do that after another surgery and was unable to put weight on his front legs. She needed to investigate, so she took out her phone and caught him in the act. He walked right up the stairs again! She was overcome with awe and pride.

You’d be surprised at how quickly Dexter can walk upright now. His whole town knows about him, and strangers are amazed every time they meet him. Some even consider it a hoax until they see it with their own eyes!

This goes to show how determined Dexter is. He was in the darkest time of his life, but he adapted to his situation and never gave up. What an incredible lesson!

Images Credit: Kentee Pasek

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