How Do You Make A Dog Throw Up If They've Eaten Something Dangerous?

How Do You Make A Dog Throw Up If They've Eaten Something Dangerous?

There are a lot of instances when your dog ate something they shouldn’t have and you need to get the forbidden substance out. But how do you do that? What can you do to help your dog and make sure they’re not affected by whatever they ate?

One way to help them is to make them throw up. This method should be only be used after you talk to your vet and they give you the heads up.

In many cases, after eating something they shouldn’t, dogs will throw up themselves, so you won’t have to induce vomiting. But other times, you might have to act, depending on the breed, what they ate, and certain health issues. The time that has passed since your dog ate the item also matters. If more than 2-6 hours have passed, chances are the substance has been absorbed so vomiting won’t help.

If less than two hours have passed, the dog is in good health, the item isn’t sharp or poisonous, and you have talked with your vet, you can go ahead and help your dog throw up. Sharp or poisonous objects may do more damage on their way out, so don’t try to get them out. If they’re already puking, don’t give them any extra pushes. If they’re lethargic, are having trouble breathing, are shaking, or having a seizure, instead take your pet to a vet as soon as possible.

The easiest way to induce vomiting is by using hydrogen peroxide. But make sure you don’t give them more than the recommended amount (one teaspoon per 5 pounds; maximum dose is 3 tablespoons if the dog weighs more than 45 pounds). A bigger dose can cause gastrointestinal issues. Monitor them at all times, and make sure they recover. If they don’t, go to the vet. Don’t try any method besides this one.

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