How Healthy Is Your Dog's Gut? It Matters More Than You Think

How Healthy Is Your Dog's Gut? It Matters More Than You Think

Similar to that of humans, a dog’s digestive health is very important to take into account.

Over the past few years, more and more vets are trying to get across the importance of digestive health in dogs, because this gut health leaks into the mental state, energy levels, and immunity. Just like us, dogs’ gut health can be affected by age, environment, and even diet, so knowing more about their health can make a difference. Diet plays a large role in your dog’s gut health, and by choosing good foods, you will be supplying the right ingredients in order for a happy and healthy dog.

Some kibble has prebiotics and probiotics that aid in digestion as well. Additionally, some foods contain ingredients that give the correct vitamins to support immunity, omega-3 acids to help their skin and coats, and even sometimes enzymes that target healthy intestines. When choosing the right food, it’s best to do your research. The more brands you look into, the better off your dog will be in the long run. There are plenty of options to choose from, ranging from dry food to wet food. Snacks that you feed your dogs will also need to be researched before being provided.

Of course, a bad digestive system won’t happen overnight, so even if your dogs are healthy today, in the future, their gut health might be lacking. By starting them on quality foods and healthy treats, they will live longer and better in the long run.

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