How Licorice Root Can Benefit Your Dog's Health

How Licorice Root Can Benefit Your Dog's Health

Every dog experiences irritation or discomfort at some point. Usually, some dog parents may not notice it until it becomes painfully obvious. Doing all that is within your power to make your dog comfortable is part of your responsibility as a dog parent.

Several ingredients can help your dog’s health. Licorice is one, and it is very effective. Often, dog parents use the root as a supplement for reducing skin inflammation. However, dogs can eat it to enjoy other numerous health benefits.

Licorice is part of the pea family and looks like a sweet pea plant. For thousands of years, the plant has played a significant role in human medicine in Europe, China, and Ancient Egypt. To this day, the plant is behind several human and pets supplements.

When used properly, licorice root is safe and beneficial for dogs. Below are a few benefits licorice root can benefit your dog:

  1. Reduce Skin Inflammation: The anti-inflammatory properties of licorice root are widely celebrated. Whether consumed orally or applied on the skin, it can soothe allergic reactions, bruises, and other skin conditions.
  2. Help Digestion: If your dog has a Leaky gut problem, licorice root can help by protecting the mucus lining of their gut. It can also help in cases of indigestion and stomach upset.
  3. Boost Immune System: Boosting your dog’s immune system gives them a better chance of fighting infections. Licorice root helps their reticuloendothelial system.
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