How Much Exercise Does My New Dog Need?

How Much Exercise Does My New Dog Need?

For us humans, exercise is key to our well-being. An elevated heart rate ensures that we stay fit and combined with a healthy diet, virtually guarantees a better quality of life. Exercise is also extremely important for our dogs.

Their hearts also need to beat faster, whether it’s purely from excitement at the sight of a leash promising an outing, or from actual physical exertion. Determining the amount of exercise for a new dog is directly related to his breed and temperament. What’s considered a slow jog for a German Shepherd might be an all-out sprint for a Scottish Terrier. To match those long loping strides, his little legs will have to work twice as hard!

Many Jack Russells on the other hand, have a seemingly inexhaustible capacity for exercise, giving their pet parent a great workout. Different breeds have different needs. Your new dog’s age and health must also be taken into account. A dog with a health problem should not be made to exert himself too much and an old dog probably won’t have enough energy for an exhausting run. A young dog will have lots of energy and a good run is a perfect outlet for that. It also helps to establish a routine.

Make a habit of running/walking your dog every day if possible, you will soon be able to see what his exercise needs are. Don’t forget to be well-prepared. Take a bowl along so that he can have a drink if he needs it. A small snack can also encourage a boisterous dog to pay attention to your commands. Make exercise an enjoyable event, because most dogs won’t need encouragement, as they love the excitement of seeing and smelling new things!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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