How Much Food Should You Really Be Feeding Your Dog?

How Much Food Should You Really Be Feeding Your Dog?

Did you know that 56% of American dogs are overweight? This is according to a survey conducted in 2018 by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. Even a little bit of extra weight can expose your dog to multiple health risks.

Most of the time, canine obesity is caused by excess feeding. So, how much should you be feeding your dog?

It’s easy to just follow the serving suggestions that are visible on the packaging of your dog’s food, but it’s not that simple. These are general calorie requirements based on the average dog, and they are not tailored to your particular dog’s age, activity level, medical history, size, or other factors.

Each dog is unique and processes food differently, with unique metabolisms based on different factors. You should determine their caloric requirements based on this information, not the directions on a package. You will also probably need to adjust the food amount regularly based on changes in your dog’s life and condition.

Don’t forget to include snacks when you’re calculating total calories. Plenty of treats can pile on the pounds without you realizing it! Talk to your vet for some expert guidance on determining how much food your dog should be eating.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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