How Often Should Your Dog Visit the Vet?

How Often Should Your Dog Visit the Vet?

Every dog parent wants their dog to live a long and happy life. Since dogs are skilled at hiding their discomfort, regular wellness examinations can prevent needless suffering.

Although how often you take your dog to the vet depends on their age, breed, lifestyle, and overall health, here are some guidelines you can follow for most dogs. 

Puppy Checkups

Most visits to the vet during this period will be for vaccinations. Your veterinarian will also check on your puppy's growth during these appointments, and you should talk to them about their diet and any other worries you may have. These routine visits to the vet offer a great chance to build positive associations with the facility and its staff.

Adult Dog Checkups

You won't need to visit the vet as frequently as your puppy gets older. DHPP and rabies vaccinations for adult dogs are normally only required every one to three years. However, scheduling an annual health examination is still a good idea. For instance, it can help your vet dictate obesity and dental disease before they become serious problems.

Senior Dog Checkups

Your dog is more prone to health issues as they age. For this reason, senior dogs can benefit from biannual wellness examinations. The breed, size, and overall lifestyle of your dog will determine when they reach this milestone, but generally speaking, the bigger your dog is, the earlier it is thought to begin.

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