How Safe Is It To Feed Your Dog Cheese?

How Safe Is It To Feed Your Dog Cheese?

You might be tempted to feed your dog some cheese, especially when you catch them staring at you while eating and enjoying the snack. However, before you feed your dog anything, it is always best to find out whether it is safe.

Dr. Chyrle Bonk, a veterinarian with Doggie Designer, has shed some light on how safe cheese is for dogs.

Generally, it is safe for dogs to eat most cheese. However, not all dogs can eat cheese because some are lactose intolerant. Before giving cheese to your dog, it is best to consult your veterinarian first.

“Most cheese alternatives are also safe for dogs, but always check the ingredients list to be sure there is nothing toxic in there,” Dr. Bonk said.

While your dog can safely consume almost all kinds of cheese, it is best to steer clear of cheese that contains garlic, herbs, and seasonings, as they can upset your dog’s stomach.

Dogs that are not lactose intolerant can enjoy some health benefits from eating cheese because it is a good source of several nutrients, including Vitamin A, Protein, Calcium, Fatty acids, and Vitamin B. Also, since most dogs love the taste, “It even makes a great treat to hide medications in,” Dr. Bonk said.

When eaten in excess, cheese can cause gastrointestinal issues in dogs, including diarrhea and stomach ache.

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