This Baby Teases Her German Shepherd With A Cookie!

This Baby Teases Her German Shepherd With A Cookie!

You know that feeling you get when something you really want is just within reach, but you can’t quite get it? This German shepherd pup named Zeus certainly does!

A little member of his human family is holding a cookie that he really, really wants, but she isn’t going to give it to him. You won’t be able to keep yourself from laughing as a toddler waddles around with a yummy cookie in hand while Zeus the fur ball tries his best to grab it for a snack.

The thing is, it’s not recommended you try this out though. We have to give Zeus a lot of credit for being respectful of his little sister. Not all dogs would be as respectful.

He’s so gentle with her despite how much he wants the cookie, so it’s obvious that his pup loves her very much! Good boy! At long last, the toddler drops the cookie and Zeus happily gobbles it up. After all that torture, he definitely deserves it! Give this video a watch, and like and share it if it made your day!

Feature Image Source: Raven and Zeus

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