How This Cat Said Goodbye To Puppy After Puppy Was Adopted Is All Things Sad

How This Cat Said Goodbye To Puppy After Puppy Was Adopted Is All Things Sad

The relationship between cat and dog is generally perceived as a mad chase. Cartoons have always had us believing that if given the opportunity, a dog will pounce upon his arch-nemesis and trap them in his powerful paws.

Just as many things are not always as we may believe them to be, so is the story of a precious pup and cat.

In an unusual case, a cat named Ms. Cheerio took it upon herself to befriend a recent foster dog, Elvis. Elvis was being looked after by Corrinne Minnard until he found a permanent new home. Ms. Cheerio is part of the Minnard household, and when Elvis arrived, she helped look after him too.

When the time finally came for Elvis to go his new forever home, the goodbye between these two four-legged friends was heartwarming and sad to observe. In a video that Corrinne posted, you can see the two cuddling with overflowing with love and affection. Ms. Cheerio gave Elvis one last playtime before he went on his way. Although the goodbye has come, Corrinne was happy Elvis has found a permanent family.

The story of Ms. Cheerio and Elvis is certainly not what we usually would expect to see between cat and dog. However, it shows us that love and affection truly can overcome the norm. Although young and in a new home, the compassion Elvis received at his young age will shape him into the dog he is growing up to be today. What a feel-good story indeed!

Feature Image Source: YouTube

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