How This Corgi Graduated From UCLA

How This Corgi Graduated From UCLA

It’s pretty rare to see a college graduate with four legs, but in 2016, this Corgi was one of the highlights of a UCLA graduation.

Meet Pavlov the Corgi. Before he rocked his cap and gown on graduation day, he was just the son of UCLA alumni and dog lovers Anthony Osuna and Elayne Tram Nguyen. His dad works at the research lab on campus, and during his time there, Corgi attended UCLA!

It was about two months, but he managed to have the full college student experience, more than other dogs could say. His Instagram page acted as a journal of his life on campus and tons of fans tuned in to see how it all went. Pavlov has over a hundred thousand followers on Instagram!

During his time at UCLA, he met some lifelong friends and made lasting memories. He knew the entire campus and everyone knew him! Curious about the reasoning behind enrolling their Corgi in university, his parents shared that because it was their final year on the UCLA campus, they wanted to share this once-in-a-lifetime moment with someone who had been there for all the ups and downs. They wanted to introduce Pavlov to UCLA, and by default, UCLA to Pavlov.

You may be wondering where the name Pavlov came from, and it is pretty clever. Both Anthony and Elayne had degrees in Psychology and thought it would be fitting to name him after a legend in the field. He was named after psychologist Ivan Pavlov who is renowned in this field for expertise in classical conditioning.

When it was time for Elayne to graduate, she decided that it wouldn’t be right if Pavlov wasn’t included, and didn’t end his journey in true Bruins fashion. Now, Pavlov is officially a UCLA graduate and has the cap, gown, and pictures to prove it!

Images credit: pavlovthecorgi/Instagram

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