How This English Bulldog Reacts When Mommy Leaves For Work...

How This English Bulldog Reacts When Mommy Leaves For Work...

This adorable English bulldog has found the perfect place to let his mommy know that he doesn’t want her to leave for work! And with an adorable face like that, you can’t even think about leaving for work!

This is Oscar and he’s not happy because mommy has to go to work 🙁 Well, unfortunately for the boy he doesn’t know that mommy has to go and that she too would love to stay home if she could, but duty calls…I’m sure most of you have had similar experiences. But have you ever wondered why your fur ball becomes sad when you leave the house?

It could be anxiety and depression and while most of us think that it’s a sign of love, the Wall Street Journal author Dr. Gregory Berns states the following, “Sorry to disappoint, but that is not a sign of love. Separation anxiety is very common and a leading cause of behavioral problems. And while your dog may be unconditionally bonded to you, well-adjusted dogs also know that you will return and do not display the frenetic activity of the anxious dog. Nobody really knows why some dogs develop separation anxiety.” What do you think? Let us know!

Now take a look at this fur ball displaying his affection and trying his best to make mommy stay on page 2 below!

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