How This Entire Family Tried To Convince Their Dog To Bath Is Hilarious!

BATH TIME!!! Hey you, you fleabag, you stink, I’m talking to you, yes you, get in there, where did all that mud come from, do you really have to roll in the wet grass, you are not allowed inside the house…

How many times did you go through these moments so ordinary for any pet parent? If you have a little one, whom, when you run out of patience you can simply pick up and throw in that bathtub, it is easy. But what do you do with a stubborn giant refusing to get in the bathtub?

One couple’s video went viral when they tried to pursue their giant dog, Philly the Bear, to get into the bathtub. Even though at moments it looked like the poor thing was scared to death with his sad face placed against the wall tiles in the bathroom, the whole scene is actually hilarious as it is obvious that the goofball is just trying to avoid a bath by ‘hiding’!

When nothing works, the couple reached for one thing they were sure would work, Philly’s favorite – peanut butter. The jar in front of his nose certainly did get his attention and he decided to finally turn his head and lick a bit of it. The following moment just brought the tears of laughter into the couple’s eyes when he kept on licking the wall tiles, still refusing to even look at the bathtub.

Seeing that that may just work, the couple then left peanut butter marks all over the bathtub itself, and wow, there it was! Philly was probably scared that the water would wash off his beloved peanut butter and finally decided to get, not so elegantly into the bathtub.

As you see, when it comes to difficulties with the bath, use the favorite treat, it might just work like it did with Philly. Not only that, but the fun time and the laughter is also guaranteed!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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