How To Help Your Dog Overcome Road Anxiety

How To Help Your Dog Overcome Road Anxiety

Dogs normally love road trips with their families, and they often regard them as treats. For some, however, travels aren’t as fun and may, even, be stressful, making them whine, drool, pant, or even throw up on the road.

To help your dog overcome travel-related anxiety, consider the following tips:

Prior to cruising, purchase a suitably sized car harness or a safe crate for your dog. The security and movement-inhibiting function these provide enable your dog to feel less anxious and more comfortable. Talk to your vet about the symptoms. Be open to treatment options or medications that can alleviate stress and nausea.

Introduce your dog to the travel vehicle by letting him/her sit by the door. Reward with treats whenever he/she stays calm. After letting your dog sniff around the car, it’s time to strap on the seat belt or let him/her inside the crate. Turn the engine on and off, and reward accordingly.

Take your dog for trial trips, increasing the distance gradually. Stop by a dog park or favorite spot and keep giving treats when they’re able to behave well. Before you hit the road, rise early and go for a run with your dog to relieve anxiety and stress, allowing the release of feel-good endorphins.

Keep your dog engaged with toys and conversations and remain calm during the trip. Take breaks when necessary. Give calming supplements such as soft chews and ask your vet for the right dosage.

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