How To Plan A Dog's Memorial Service

How To Plan A Dog's Memorial Service

Losing a beloved dog is hard as they are among the closest members of our family. Maryglenn Warnock, a certified pet bereavement counselor and ordained pet funeral officiant, offers the following tips for planning a memorial:

Pick a good spot

Honoring the memory of a beloved dog in a place that holds special significance can add more meaning to a service.

Create a guest list

Invite friends, neighbors, and anyone whose life has been touched by your dog. When creating the guest list, avoid including people who do not understand the significance of losing a pet, as their presence can be hurtful.

Give a speech

Sharing personal reflections and memories of one's dog with people who genuinely understand what it's like to have a dog in one's life can help the grieving process.

Have an officiant

Some people specialize in officiating dog funerals. These professional dog officiants can deliver meaningful eulogies to honor one's dog.

Celebrate, cry, or both

Funerals are often associated with sorrow. However, it doesn't always have to be that way. Organize a memorial service that resonates with you, whether celebratory, touching, or inspiring.

No rules

There are no rules on when, where, or how the memorial service should be conducted. Instead, it should be done in a way that feels right to the dog's parent.

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