How To Show Your Dogs You Love Them

How To Show Your Dogs You Love Them

Animal lovers would do anything to give their pets the best life ever. They get them good food, comfy beds, clothes, toys, whatever they need. They even think of them as part of the family. But just because you have a pet and you love them, it doesn’t mean you know them.

When a dog shakes, that’s a sign they are trying to calm down. When they yawn, they are either stressed or confused. And when you give them a hug, they will probably not see it the same way you do. Hugs are something called human-grade affection, that just doesn’t send the same message to your dog as you might think.

While dogs need to know you care about them, there are better ways to show your affection. When you hug your dog, it can be uncomfortable or even scary for them. They would much rather you give them a belly rub or a scratch under the chin.

If you want to comfort your dog or get them out of a stressful situation, a hug won’t cut it. You need to solve the underlying issues of anxiety. And no matter how you choose to comfort them, you need to pay attention to how your dog responds. Not all dogs are the same, and not all like the same things. Just paying attention to the details can make the relationship you have with your dog a billion times stronger. Just be careful not to smother or overwhelm them, because you might hurt them more than you help.

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