How To Spot A Dog Suffering From Neglect

How To Spot A Dog Suffering From Neglect

Many dog parents cannot imagine themselves abusing their dogs. Sadly, they may be doing it without realizing it. Neglect is a form of dog abuse that can be subtle or intentional.

Every form of abuse against dogs is bad and should be condemned, as it can affect their physical and mental well-being. Dogs suffering from neglect may endure long, painful days, weeks, months, or even years.

Signs that a dog is going through neglect can be difficult to spot sometimes. While other times, it is obvious. A general rule of thumb is to look out for anything unusual in the dog’s behavior or appearance.

Some physical signs of neglect in dogs include:

  • Visibly emaciated bones
  • A dirty or matted coat
  • Untreated wounds
  • Overgrown nails
  • Ticks or fleas infestation
  • Frequent illness

While these signs are troubling, they may not necessarily mean a dog is experiencing neglect. Sometimes, it could be something unrelated. However, if they show the following environmental signs of neglect too, they are being neglected:

  • They are chained outside
  • They don’t have access to food and water
  • Their chain is too tight
  • They bark for extended periods
  • They are kept near hazardous objects

Neglected dogs can suffer a slow and painful death if not helped. If you come across a dog in such conditions, you should contact the animal welfare agency with appropriate information so they can intervene.

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