How To Travel Abroad With Your Dog?

How To Travel Abroad With Your Dog?

Having a puppy is amazing, but it can feel restricting sometimes. How will you be able to go out, travel, and do all sorts of fun stuff if you have to take care of a pet? Well, you can travel with your dog without an issue, even if you want to travel internationally.

Dogs can travel on flights, but it can take a toll on them. So, avoid flights, especially long ones, if you can. That’s why some veterinarians suggest that you only travel overseas with a dog if you’re moving permanently.

There are many requirements for traveling internationally, depending on the destination. Before you leave, you need to do some research to figure out what you need. But the requirements are becoming standardized. North American, South American, and European countries require a microchip with a certificate, rabies vaccination, a rabies titre test certificate, and a health certificate. All of these can be acquired from a vet. You can find out if the destination has additional requirements by checking with embassies of the destination country.

Before the flight, you need to prepare your dog. A few weeks before you can start bringing your dog to the airport on practice runs. If you can’t do that, let them listen to airport and airplane sounds from the internet. Reaching out to a good trainer might also help.

On the day of the flight, you shouldn’t feed the dog for a couple of hours. But you should give them plenty of water, and make sure they have a couple of bowls in their crate. The crate should be big enough for the dog to have wiggle room, and it should be in good condition. You shouldn’t sedate your dog for the flight, as this can be dangerous. But natural calming products can be used.

If you have a service dog, don’t worry. They can absolutely travel internationally, and they have the privilege of traveling in the cabin.

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