How Well Do You Know Your Dogs?

How Well Do You Know Your Dogs?

We all like to think we know our dogs well enough, but alas – miscommunication can always happen. Just what are you misunderstanding about your dog’s body language?


Despite what many people immediately think, humping isn’t always sexual. Sometimes they just want attention, or are doing it as a reaction to stress.

Being Aggressive

Aggressive behavior does not always mean that your dog is aggressive. Snarling, growling, and even lunging can actually stem from fear. The logic is, if you seem to be bigger and scarier than the potential enemy, you can scare them away before they can hurt you.

A Wagging Tail

Your dog wagging their tail doesn’t always automatically mean that they are happy. Depending on how it is held, it can actually mean other things like anxiety or excitement. A high angle with a stiff wave can actually mean anger or even dominance.

Growling During Play

Growling can be a pretty scary thing. Careful observation, however, will reveal that growling occurs most often during playtime – especially if it involves a tug toy of any kind. As long as everything is going well and the dog’s overall body language is happy and open, it should be fine!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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