Humane Society Is Offering $5,000 Reward To Anyone Who Reports Dog Fighting

Humane Society Is Offering $5,000 Reward To Anyone Who Reports Dog Fighting

Many of us may already know what dogfighting is. For those of us who are unsure, dogfighting is the act where dogs are taken to cages to fight one another to the death. It IS as cruel as it sounds.

Audience members bet on the dogs to make money, and some just attend to watch the event. It is a type of animal cruelty that has us feeling ill when we imagine such an act. Recent reports have voiced that animal cruelty and neglect have been on the rise in McDowell county. One of the main incidents being dogfighting. The Mercer County Humane Society and the ALIVE Animal Service Group have recently been placing posters around to raise awareness of the growing issue.

These groups have also reported that two arrests were made, and three dogs saved. These dogs were in extremely poor condition and were victims of dogfighting. Unfortunately, it was clear that they were neglected and were suffering from malnourishment. Thankfully, they were taken for immediate vet care and treated for the condition that they were in. This sport of dogfighting is extremely cruel and because of this, the United States Humane Society offers rewards of $5,000 to those who identify and report dogfighting practices going on.

As dog lovers, it is hard for us to imagine people deliberately encouraging dogs to get hurt, as well as hurt each other. This is an unfortunate reality, and if we can, we should stop it in its tracks.

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