Hundreds Of People Line Up To Rescue Pups From Hurricane. This Is Just Heartwarming...

Hundreds Of People Line Up To Rescue Pups From Hurricane. This Is Just Heartwarming...

Humans are capable of such incredible kindness, as Ali Standish realized! She found that she was just one of countless people lining up outside a local shelter one weekend to foster a pup needing a temporary home in the wake of Hurricane Florence.

Standish was just one of 100 people waiting to potentially foster a pup outside of Saving Grace, Wake Forest, North Carolina, a shelter that had volunteers working overtime to find room for displaced pets and pups.

These fosters were part of the weekend host program that the shelter has, where those who cannot commit to full-time fostering take part in short-term and emergency fostering. Floyd was the pup Standish was bringing in.

At first, she was nervous that the pup would not fit in well with her two rescue pups at home. But the little 4-month-old pit bull mix puppy proved to be respectful, calm, and very well trained, and he got on well with Keeper and Bella, Standish’s two own pups.

The three happily wound up sharing the sofa, and Floyd gave them lots of kisses and snuggles in thanks for their kindness. Floyd is so sweet and loves human affection, being picked up and given hugs. Standish just knows that when he finds his forever family, they will love him to bits!

Meanwhile, Standish’s Tweet containing a picture of the long line of people waiting to foster animals has garnered more than 70,000 likes and 13,000 retweets, along with many replies saying the picture restored their faith in humanity, or even brought them to tears!

It just goes to show that many small collective acts of kindness can make up one huge success.

Images & Feature Image Source: Ali Standish

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