If Your Dog Is Constantly Panting, It Could Be A Sign Of Something Serious

If Your Dog Is Constantly Panting, It Could Be A Sign Of Something Serious

Plenty of dogs pant. Breathing heavily after a lot of excitement or physical activity makes sense, after all. But what if your canine companion is panting constantly, and at the weirdest times? It could be a sign of something much more serious.

Dogs pant as a form of temperature regulation. That’s why they tend to do so after running around outside or when they’re thirsty. This means that excess panting can point to a temperature-related problem.

Heatstroke can be a real concern during summer months. If your dog shows signs of this condition, they need to be taken to a vet immediately.

Overweight dogs may also face panting problems. This is due to their difficulty in balancing heat levels. Talk to your vet about a weight loss plan for your dog.

Dogs who have flat noses also tend to pant more as they have more difficulty breathing. They are unfortunately much more susceptible to developing heatstroke and similar problems.

If your dog is panting a lot and has eaten something they shouldn’t – or had access to dangerous consumables – they may be facing some type of poisoning. Very heavy panting is one of the most common symptoms of toxicity in dogs.

Finally, dogs may also pant when they are frightened or stressed out. Loud noises, separation anxiety, or new situations can lead to these problems. Do what you can to make them feel safe!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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