How Important Is It To Keep Your Pup's Face Clean?

How Important Is It To Keep Your Pup's Face Clean?

Did you know that keeping your pup’s face clean is important? It can prevent infections and keep your pup odor-free, so it’s vital that you know how and where to clean to make sure your pup’s head is in tip-top shape!

Here are three areas to focus on.

1. Eyes

Dogs tend to have a gathering of tears under their eyes that can turn into crusts or slimy goobers if not cleaned! Yuck! In order to keep those eyes dry, use a warm, wet washcloth to wipe underneath your pup’s eyes every day. You can also use an unscented baby wipe.

2. Ears

If your pup had floppy ears, pay extra attention! Ear infections are the leading cause of veterinary visits in the United States. They’re painful, smelly, and can result in deafness in serious cases, but they’re preventable. Clean your pup’s ears regularly, especially after swimming or baths, with a cotton ball or an ear cleaner for pups. Read more on how and when to do this here and here.

3. Mouth

If your pup’s breath stinks, then you have to consider how often you brush their teeth! Not doing so enough can cause cavities and abscesses due to stuck food and lead to further health conditions. There are chewy treats and toys that help with dental hygiene, but you should still take the time to purchase toothpaste for dogs and a hardy, cheap toothbrush. Introduce the process of brushing teeth to them bit by bit with plenty of treats, and brush daily if possible. Learn more on how here!

These tips can help prevent infections and health conditions, so be sure to keep your pup’s face clean! Do like and share this info with other pet parents!

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