Incredible Story Of The Dachshund Lost In Her Own Back Yard for 13 Days!

Incredible Story Of The Dachshund Lost In Her Own Back Yard for 13 Days!

How can a dog go missing in their own backyard? Well, Lucy the dachshund proved to the world that it is entirely possible – especially if you love to dig.

Lucy the red dachshund was left alone in the backyard with the family’s other dog but when their human came looking for them, Lucy was gone.

Being the dachshund that she is, she dug a hole near the house and after digging straight down for a ways, she dug beneath the concrete slab that held the family’s air conditioning unit. She continued digging past it, but with the lack of support, the air conditioning unit sank into the ground, closing off Lucy’s exit. She was stuck underground for 13 long days until the family’s other dog kept showing them where Lucy was. They played a dog whistle and when Lucy barked back, they knew they had found her!

Dad dug a hole to confirm Lucy’s location and firefighters soon arrived to rescue Lucy. Incredibly, her family reports she was mostly healthy with the exception of not getting enough to eat for 13 days!

It’s hard to imagine how she could survive all that time in a hole and what she must have thought as she waited down there to be found. See the video and the full incredible story on page 2!

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Remember to always keep an eye on your dogs, even in a securely fenced yard. Lucy is proof that you never know what could happen. Thank goodness she was saved in time. Watch the video below to see the full amazing story of how Lucy got lost in her own backyard and was thankfully saved!

Feature Image Source: TomoNews US

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