Ingham County K9 Officer Retires Like The Hero He Is!

When a law enforcement officer retires, there is usually a great fuss to give him (or her) the farewell they deserve. Having put in hours dedicated to saving the lives of many citizens, police units are one of the most valuable services in the country!

This, however, does not only apply to people, but also to the K-9 units. These dogs have dedicated an equal amount of their lives to training and providing service to help us on a daily basis. It goes without saying that they deserve a fantastic farewell party too!

Recently, a very important member of the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit hung up his collar after years of service. Smoke is exactly eight years old and has dedicated hours to saving the lives of many citizens. He will retire to his handler, Deputy Paul Narlock. Smoke’s service was celebrated with a huge party where there was an abundance of cake, treats, and celebration.

Smoke also gave back to the community through his demonstrations to children at schools, educating them about the role of dogs in the police force. Officers say he was very popular amongst the children and they absolutely adored him. Although his duty is now over, it is safe to say that Smoke had an impact on many lives throughout his career.

Our furry-faced friends are truly remarkable and change the lives of many of us whether we realize it or not. Smoke is an example of how deeply we should appreciate our dogs, and service dogs, every day!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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