Injured Dog Dumped In The Woods Gets Help After Two Weeks

Injured Dog Dumped In The Woods Gets Help After Two Weeks

An 8-month-old puppy that was injured managed to survive two weeks in the woods before someone saw him and called for assistance. His heartless owner dumped him to die alone in the woods with his bed, some worn-out toys, and an unopened bag of dog food.

The dog wasn't restrained, but he never got up from bed. Rescuers soon realized it was because he was hurt and couldn't move since the pain was too much. However, he wagged his tail once he realized they were there to rescue him.

Unfortunately, the neighbourhood shelter couldn't cover his medical expenses and would have put him down if another rescue didn't intervene. Thankfully, a Florida-based animal rescue group, Humans and Animals United, adopted the dog and named him Hank. They took him to the vet and discovered he had a broken leg.

In an update the rescue shared on Facebook, they said, "The surgeon approximates the leg to have been broken for more than 2 weeks and him abandoned in the woods for 2 weeks." Thanks to kindhearted people who donated to his care and the committed staff at the animal hospital, the skinny puppy is now safe and receiving the treatment he needs.

Despite having a rough start in life, Hank still cares about people and other dogs. His surgery will take place soon, and as soon as he recovers, he will get a forever home.

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