Injured Hairless Dog Makes An Incredible Transformation

Injured Hairless Dog Makes An Incredible Transformation

Sometimes, stray dogs don’t stand a chance against the harsh outdoors. But other times, they get lucky and good passers-by might lend them a helping hand. The latter became true for a hairless pup that was roaming around on the streets.

He was found curled in some sand. He had scaly skin and his leg was bent in an odd way.

People gave him some food, which he gladly ate. But he was hesitant to get close to any of them. After some time and effort, and with the help of Animal Aid Unlimited, they managed to get him to a shelter. Veterinarians quickly got working on his skin. They bathed him and doses him in creams and other ointments.

In time, his hair grew back. In addition, he was severely malnourished and thirsty. It must have been months of him roaming the streets with little to no food before he got the help he needed. If they would have tried to get the dog back on regular sized-meals, that would have hurt his digestive system.

So, they gave him small amounts and increased him in time. Eventually, the dog was able to enjoy a balanced diet. They also noticed he had a massive trust problem, so they tried to help him gain some trust back. With some love, socialization, and time, he started to trust again.

Even though he got the help he needed, if he would have stayed on the streets he probably would have died. But still, it’s amazing to see a dog getting a new chance at life.

Image Credit: Animal Aid Unlimited

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