Investigators Need Help Finding Man Who Keeps Dumping Bald Puppies At Vet Office

Investigators Need Help Finding Man Who Keeps Dumping Bald Puppies At Vet Office

Staff at West Mount Vets didn’t expect much when a man walked in with a box in his arms. But when he placed the box down and left without a word, they realized something was wrong. The box contained two puppies, completely bald and in need of medical care.

The puppies, now named Winky and Dobby after house elves in the Harry Potter series, were passed on to the RSPCA so they could be cared for. They were in an awful state and had been severely neglected, and their baldness was due to demodectic mange.

At just four months old, the two pups were absolutely terrified when they first arrived.

Thankfully, in a few days, they began to relax and open up. They started to warm up to shows of love and affection, and soon became quite playful and happy. Their conditions also started to improve every day and they made friends quickly.

But then, one week later, the same man returned to the vet. He spoke to the receptionist for assistance, and she rushed off to get a nurse. And what he did he do? He left again – this time leaving a new completely bald puppy behind.

The RSPCA was quick to scoop the poor thing – later named Albus, once again a Harry Potter reference – to reunite him with his sisters.

It is absolutely shocking to think that the same man had decided to dump pups with the same condition within a week of each other, and at the same place, wearing the same clothes. Luckily, all three pups are happy to be with each other and are slowly but steadily recovering from their severe mange.

The man who abandoned the bald puppies wore a hoodie and a tracksuit. If you happen to have any information regarding this situation, reach out to the RSPCA inspector appeal line and speak to Sarah Bagley at 0300-123-8018.

Images & Feature Image Source: RSPCA

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