Is Adopting The Same As Fostering?

Is Adopting The Same As Fostering?

If you’ve started rescuing dogs, you may encounter the terms, fostering and adopting, and wonder if they mean the same, or if not, what makes one different from the other.

While these terms are sometimes used interchangeably in the world of rescue, there are minor differences in meaning. What does it mean when one is fostering? It means that one has taken in a dog or cat temporarily until a permanent family is found. This is done so that the rescued animal does not wait long in a shelter. One fosters if he or she isn’t ready to commit permanently or when one isn’t yet certain about the dog and would like to do a trial set-up to see if it works.

When one already has enough pets but is willing to provide a temporary home to a canine who needs it, fostering is arranged. This set-up lasts for several days to 12 months and is considered an essential part of the rescue process because it helps the rescued dog adjust to family life which may involve living with other pets or young kids.

Some volunteer as hospice fosters to enable an ailing or old animal live the final moments of their life in a family environment. So, how is adopting different? Adopting is taking in a cat or dog as a permanent part of your family. Usually, a fostered animal is adopted after he or she develops close ties with the foster family.

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