Is Alcohol Toxic To Dogs?

Is Alcohol Toxic To Dogs?

While chilling out with a glass of wine or beer at the patio, you wonder if you should share the drink with your dog and if he’ll be able to take it. I’m sorry to say he won’t.

The fact is any type of alcohol is toxic to him, which further means, that you do not only let your dog take a sip of it, but also, ensure that no alcohol spills on the floor or is within access. Dogs may be drawn to alcohol’s sweet taste and depending on how much he or she has ingested, there are grievous side effects.

It’s also possible that they absorb alcohol through skin contact so be very careful that none of these liquids are within his reach. When dogs ingest small amounts of alcohol, they experience disorientation or fright. In larger doses, however, graver symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, unconsciousness, depression, trembling, loose bowel movement, nausea, lack of coordination, or drooling can happen 30 minutes after ingestion.

If you do not have him attended to by a veterinarian, the situation can lead to bradycardia, hypothermia, stupor, hypoglycemia, coma, or even death. Never induce vomiting without your vet’s coaching. While waiting for his assistance, try to keep your dog warm, let him drink water or honey, and assist him in going down.

If he throws up, make sure to keep his head up. Given all these dangers, it’s best that you just keep the drink to yourself.

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