Is It Okay For Dogs To Eat Ice?

Is It Okay For Dogs To Eat Ice?

Ice helps to cool drinks down and by themselves are the most refreshing summer treat you can think of. If it’s okay for us, is it okay for them?

Let’s find out:

Can Dogs Eat Ice?

Yes. Ice is a great way for your dog to stay cool and hydrated on a hot day. You can also put it in your dog’s water bowl to ensure it stays cool. Just make sure your dog doesn’t drink the water too quickly because he/she can end up with brain freeze or become bloated, which is deadly for some dog breeds.

You may also include adding dog-safe herbs to your dog’s ice, like mint. This is a great way to keep your dog’s breath fresh.

How To Feed Dogs Ice Safely

While ice is usually okay for most dogs, it doesn’t hurt to ask your vet, especially if you have a senior dog, or a dog with a health condition. The best way to feed your dog ice is to only give him/her small pieces. This way, he/she will not choke, especially for dog breeds. The best ice to serve is crushed ice.

Be sure that the water you use to make ice cubes for your dog is clean. The best way to approach this is to only serve ice you would use. Large pieces of ice can chip your dog’s tooth, even if he/she is from a large breed. You may even freeze dog-safe berries like blueberries in your dog’s ice to make it a yummy treat.

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