Is It Okay To Feed My Dog Apples?

Is It Okay To Feed My Dog Apples?

If you’re eating an apple and notice your dog drooling in one corner, you may be tempted to give them a slice or two. But before you do that, it would be best to confirm whether apples are safe for dogs.

Several fruits and vegetables are safe for dogs to eat. Thankfully, apple is among them. Apple contains several nutrients that dogs can benefit from, so aside from being a good way to enjoy a low-calorie snack with your dog, feeding your dog apples can be a way of adding something nutritious to their diet.

Generally, apples are safe for dogs, but you should only feed them raw, unsweetened apples. Before feeding your dog apples, ensure there are no seeds, as your dog may have difficulty digesting them, upsetting their stomach.

Some of the nutrients dogs would enjoy from eating apples include:

Vitamin C

Dogs naturally manufacture vitamin C through their glandular systems, but an extra boost doesn’t hurt.


In dogs, fiber can help improve stool quality and other anal gland issues.


The antioxidants in apples include chlorogenic acid, quercetin, and phloridzin. All of these can help mitigate health conditions such as cardiovascular disease.

Apple is bad for dogs only when they eat too much of it or the seeds. As long as you feed your dog moderately and avoid the seeds, they should be fine.

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