Is My Dog Ready to go to a Restaurant?

Is My Dog Ready to go to a Restaurant?

Taking your dog to a dog-friendly restaurant is one way to spend more time together. It also allows you to practice the training you've taught your dog. However, you should review your dog's training before taking them to breakfast or your preferred patio happy hour.

Since dog-friendly restaurants have plenty of distractions, such as various meals being carried or dumped near your table, you might want to start by reviewing the "leave it" cue. Making sure your dog truly comprehends the command "leave it" can help you gain their attention and stop them from snatching up any food that may have fallen.

The "watch me" cue is another skill to practice. Your dog won't wander off and approach other people's tables if they focus on you. You may also need a "place" cue to help them understand where you want them to stay. Practice this cue beforehand using a towel or tiny blanket. Then when at the restaurant, put the towel under your table and encourage your dog to settle down using the cue.

Whenever you go out to eat with your dog, ensure they have everything they'll need, including water, a blanket, a six-foot-long leash, and treats.

Even though you'd like to take your dog everywhere, they might not like some places. Avoid taking your dog out to eat if they are reactive, distrustful, or anxious around other people or pets.

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