It's A Man! No It's A Dog! It's A Man-Dog?

It's A Man! No It's A Dog! It's A Man-Dog?

When you look at a dog, you’d expect it to look like a dog right? Well, that’s not the case for these dogs in Plymouth, England. These local celebrities are used to being stopped on their walks by people who have the most bizarre questions.

The brother and sister pair, Ronnie and Reggie are both 7 years old and have human faces!

Their mother, Kerry Docwra, shared what other people say her kids looked like. Some say they look like Ewoks, others say they look like Falor from ‘The NeverEnding Story’. Pretty much everything but dogs! Ronnie has bright brown eyes, a pink nose, pouty lips, pink eyes, and a pronounced brow that makes her look more human than Reggie. Some even say she looks like their relatives!

The dogs love their celebrity status and especially love children and other animals. They are super extroverts and never shy away from the spotlight. Reggie and Ronnie are the product of a unique couple. Their mom is a Staffordshire bull terrier/pit bull terrier mix while their dad is a Shih Tzu/pug mix, something you don’t see very often.

And though they work well together, they still have their own unique personalities. Reggie is a nature-lover and sometimes goes out on his own to play with rocks on grass. Ronnie on the other hand never leaves her mom’s side and is quite chatty. Reggie and Ronnie have landed spots in their town’s newspaper and are beloved by everyone, especially their mom. These celebrity dogs continue to spread joy everywhere they go!

Images Source: Instagram

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