Kassie The German Shepherd Goes To Puppy School And 'Pets In The Park'!

Kassie The German Shepherd Goes To Puppy School And 'Pets In The Park'!

This is Kassie, a German shepherd, and today she’s going to puppy school! After puppy school she went straight to ‘Pets in The Park’! What an awesome day!

This is Kassie and early morning at 7 AM she has school so they got ready and were on their way. Look at Kassie, doesn’t she look excited? Yeah she was! She was also the most well-behaved pup in school 🙂

Not only did she learn how to be calm and patient, she also learn to follow her mommy instead of leading the way. Why should our fur kids follow us and not lead us? Well, when you lead you are able to have better control and protect them from anything that may come up. They are also more likely to listen.

Of course there are times when our babies know more than us, but it’s always best that we stay ahead of our babies – it’s like shielding them from bad things, you know? This is what I think, what do you think?

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Take a look at Kassie’s experience at the puppy school and just how much fun she had at the ‘Pets In The Park’ and you can see what a fun, fulfilling life this cutie has. Complete with making dog friends, wrestling, and learning some great new tricks!

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Feature Image Source: Dennis F

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