Keeping Your Puppy Safe Over The Holidays

Keeping Your Puppy Safe Over The Holidays

Holiday time is family time, and there’s nothing more festive than holiday fun with the family dog! But it’s super important to make sure that your holiday activities are puppy safe, so here are a few tips to keep the furrier members of the family happy and safe.

1. Deck the Halls with Care!

Decorating the house is fun for all the family and one of the true joys of the holidays. But while sparkly tinsel can make your house look like a Christmas tale, it can be dangerous for dogs. Anything that can get wrapped around puppy’s neck should be avoided or kept well out of reach!

2. Fire is not a Dog’s Best Friend!

What’s that gorgeous smell? Festive aromas are a delight during the holidays, and scented candles can be a great way to fill the home with those tantalizing and nostalgic smells—not to mention logs burning on an open fireplace. Smells like Christmas!

But with a lively puppy bouncing around, be sure to take extra care with open flames. Keep candles out of reach, avoid wobbly candlesticks, and use a fireguard for your hearth. This way, everybody can enjoy the warmth and the aromas without having to worry about harming your four-legged friend!

3. Don’t Share your Chocolates!

What could be better than an excuse to be greedy? While chocolates might put a wag in your tail, they’re no good for the puppy of the household. Dog’s can’t stomach chocolate, and it can make them very sick. So keep the chocs to yourself, and get some special doggy treats to share instead!

Keep these tips in mind, and every member of the family will be able to enjoy the festivities!

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