Kind Dog Comforts Crying Sister With Favorite Toy

Kind Dog Comforts Crying Sister With Favorite Toy

Nick Elliot and his wife welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Macie, from the hospital to their home in early July. There, she met her big brother, Tommy, a 2-year old Doberman Pinscher beloved for his kind, loving nature and his unending loyalty to his parents.

They knew he would watch over his sister with the same love and care he gave to family and friends, other toddlers and children, and even strangers. He was always gentle and careful, and always allowed people to stroke him.

When it was time to meet Macie, they had to get him settled because he was really excited. They started by letting him smell her worn clothes and telling him ‘gentle’ so he knew he had to be extra careful.

When he saw Macie, he instantly accepted her and stuck by her side. He also never touched her, perhaps he was too afraid he would hurt her by accident.

Today, he’s extremely sensitive to his sister’s emotions. He makes it his duty to cheer her up. Though he used to whine when she cried for the first few days, he has gotten used to it and is just happy to be around. Now, he checks on her regularly and wags his tail to signal to his parents that his baby sister is doing okay.

Just the other day when Macie was crying for her bottle, Tommy decided to step up as a big brother. Mom had gone to the kitchen for her bottle and Tommy knew he had to do something in the meantime. He did the sweetest thing ever and it was caught on camera. He brought her his favorite toy and wagged his tail in glee. It had only been three weeks since Macie had been home and he had already found a way to make her happy!

Image Credit: Nick Elliott

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