Do You Know Why Your Dog Kicks Right After He's Done Pooping? Find Out!

Do You Know Why Your Dog Kicks Right After He's Done Pooping? Find Out!

Our pups behaviors can sometimes be very amusing to us, if not also a little puzzling! You might, for example, wonder why your pup kicks at the ground after going to the toilet.

Are they trying to cover it up? Surely our messy pups don’t feel the need to clean up!

In order to explain this funny behavior, we have to think back to the wild. Out there, a pup’s waste is like their calling card. So if your pup seems to be trying to keep a low profile or be sneaky while they scratch after doing their business, they could be trying to hide it to stay more hidden.

With that being said, many pups who exhibit this behavior tend not to show any signs of submission when they do so! Often, they even showcase assertive and certain body language, with their ears up and backs straight. This definitely doesn’t suggest a desire to lay low or hide their presence!

This can also be explained! It is believed that pups can release pheromones from their paw pads when they scratch, so this adds to the idea of a calling card. Essentially, your pup has left a message for others to see and interpret, and it can be a way of marking territory.

If your pup’s scratching is roughing up your yard, catch his attention before they start scratching with a special treat that they won’t be able to resist. They’ll learn to come straight to you after finishing up their business instead of scratching! Like and share away!

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