Do You Know Why Your Pups Dig Through The Trash When You Leave The House?

Do You Know Why Your Pups Dig Through The Trash When You Leave The House?

Most pup parents are familiar with that sinking feeling of opening the front door and finding that their pup has completely torn apart the trash can and raided the garbage.

It’s highly inconvenient, and sometimes even training your pup to stay away from the trash can only go so far. But why does this happen?

Instinctively, dogs are scavengers, and their evolution alongside humans has programmed them with the knowledge that it is much safer and easier to find and take human leftovers than hunt and kill other animals for food. Those instincts kick in when their sharp senses of smell detect discarded food in your trash can. It’s like a box of delicious scents just begging to be explored.

The unfortunate fact is that a pup scavenging through your trash can be pretty dangerous. Spoiled food, bones, and discarded inedible items all pose a threat to your pup. The latter are especially dangerous as they can become lodged in the gastrointestinal track, and this condition can lead to emergency intestinal blockage.

The only sure way to keep your pups safe from the perils of your trash can are to keep discarded food items out of reach. The other option would be to move these types of waste to an outdoor garbage bin that your pup can’t get to. It’s a bit of a hassle, but it’s definitely worth it to keep your pup safe! Don’t forget to like and share this with other pup parents!

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