Do You Know Why Some Pups Love To Be Lap Dogs While Others Don't?

Do You Know Why Some Pups Love To Be Lap Dogs While Others Don't?

Do you have a particularly clingy pup? Maybe you’ve noticed that your pup seems to fit the description of a lap dog – they just always seem to want to clamber onto your lap, all the time.

But why does this happen? Here are some possible reasons!

1. Instinct

Pups started out living in the wild, where they would often rely on their pack for survival. Although dogs are now domesticated, this instinct still remains, and pups see their pack as you and your family. Your lap happens to be one of the safest places for a pup to rest as they’d be covered from all sides, and it makes them feel like you’re protecting them!

2. Anxiety

Some dogs naturally just feel more nervous or insecure than others, and it seems like it may actually be a genetic condition, like some anxiety in humans. Some studies have suggested that being close to others or touching others can help a pup cope with those feelings by balancing out the chemicals in their brains.

3. Love!

Just like how it is with humans, it’s been proven that dogs actually experience a release of positive hormones in their brains when they’re around their families or other people they love. Touching makes that bond even stronger thanks to the release of oxytocin. In short, it just feels good to cuddle!

So what’s the takeaway? Being on your lap probably makes your pup feel safe and happy. It’s an honor to have our laps occupied by a cuddly pup! Don’t forget to like and share this information with other pup parents!

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