Labrador Goes Longboarding With His Human!

Labrador Goes Longboarding With His Human!

On a nice sunny morning, this pawsome Labrador dog goes longboarding with his human!

With a GoPro in tow, the Lab’s person records their road adventure to share with us!

At first, the beautiful black Labrador runs alongside his longboarding dad, but when he’s had a good run he hops on the longboard with his dad to just sit back and enjoy the ride – not to mention the breeze in his face! This is such a creative way to get those wiggles out and we love that this lab just knows when to hop on! What a good dog!

Continue Reading And See The Video Of The Labrador Going Longboarding With His Dad Here!

How cool! This is such a great way to keep this lab in good shape, running alongside the longboard and having the time of his life!

Watch the video below to see the Lab longboarding!

Feature Image Source: Adriano Pozza

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