Video: Labrador Retriever Loves To Play The Piano!

Video: Labrador Retriever Loves To Play The Piano!

Dogs can do a lot of incredible things. What most people don’t know is they live secret lives while we’re at work. They have their friends over, go out for lunch, shopping, and yes…some can even play the piano! They do a great job of hiding it for the most part but every once in a while they accidentally reveal their talents to their people.

This black lab is a true musician with a unique, experimental sound known in the dog world as “A-Roo.”

In this video, her dad has discovered her talents so she’s now forced to play for him too. As they say, “the cat is out of the bag!” Whatever she’s playing, it’s a music to our ears! When she is not out fetching, hunting, dock diving, or just being a good old couch potato, this sweet lab girl is simply playing the piano!

Watch the video below to see the awesome Labrador playing the piano!

Feature Image Source: Maplewood Bengals

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