Leaving Pups In Hot Cats In Pennsylvania Can Bring Tougher Sanctions

Leaving Pups In Hot Cats In Pennsylvania Can Bring Tougher Sanctions

It’s a rule for all pup parents to follow – never leave your fur ball unattended in a parked, switched off car! And especially not when it’s hot!

It’s a problem that resurfaces year after year and can cause fatal harm to a pup. That’s why animal rights advocates in Pennsylvania have been working to tighten the laws around this act of ignorance. Lawmakers are considering changes to be made to the state’s animal cruelty laws. The House Judiciary Committee unanimously approved this measure on the 20th of September.

So what does this proposal suggest? Pup parents who commit this offense will earn themselves a maximum of 90 days in jail and a $300 fine. Meanwhile, first responders on the scene will be given permission to break into a car in order to save a pup’s life, under the condition that they believe the fur ball is in distress and have made “reasonable” efforts to locate the fur ball’s owner. Responders are then required to leave a note for the owner and take the pup to a vet.

This is a great step in the right direction! So far, 23 states have similar laws – although Florida, Wisconsin, and Tennessee have laws that provide immunity to any Good Samaritan who rescues a fur ball in this situation. To pup parents, please remember that fur balls cannot sweat and therefore cannot cool themselves down if needed. Car temperatures can skyrocket to 114 degrees in 30 minutes on an 80-degree day.

Keep this in mind, and please keep your pups safe! And if you happen to see an animal in distress inside a car, call 911 immediately. Like and share to spread the word!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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