Leaving Pets Outside In Extreme Weather Can Result In $500 Fine

Leaving Pets Outside In Extreme Weather Can Result In $500 Fine

In the summer, it wasn’t uncommon for us to talk about the dangers of leaving a pup out in very hot weather.

Now that the colder months are upon us, however, we also need to remind fur ball Mommies and Daddies everywhere that pups should not be left outside in this climate, either!

The Montgomery County Animal Services in Rockville, Maryland, are well aware of the dangers and cruelty of leaving a pup – or any animal, for that matter – outside in very cold temperatures. As such, they’ve issued an ordinance that any parents of animals found tied up outside and forced to weather the weather will be subjected to a fine.

This new ordinance applies during times of wind, heavy snow, or extreme cold. Citizens are required to bring all pets inside during these conditions, as being subjected to them may cause health issues and be extremely uncomfortable for any living creature at all.


Let’s put it this way – you wouldn’t want to be left outside in the cold, so please don’t do so to your fur balls either! They don’t have a choice where they are placed or tied up, and it’s unfair and incredible dangerous to let a pup stay in such conditions.

Even if you don’t live in Maryland, please act as though this ordinance is taking effect in your neighborhood, too. Bring your fur ball in and snuggle with them by the fire instead, so everyone’s nice and warm! Do like and share this for other pup parents, or any animal parents, to see!

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