Leilani Saad Spent $20,000 In Legal Fees For Her Pet German Shepherd. You Will Be ALARMED Why.

Leilani Saad Spent $20,000 In Legal Fees For Her Pet German Shepherd. You Will Be ALARMED Why.

After years of waiting and approximately $20,000 in legal fees, Leilani Saad finally got justice for her 13-year old German Shepherd. This will leave you stunned. Trust me, a MUST READ.

Leilani Saad spent $20,000 in legal fees only to win the right to tell her story about the horrible experience she faced when she dropped her 13-year-old German Shepherd, Shep, at a local dog kennel called Chasin’ Tails while she was away on a 6-day vacation. Although the staff repeatedly told her that her German shepherd was doing well, deep inside, Leilani feared something was wrong.

See What Happened And What She Heard When She Returned To Pick Up Her German Shepherd. This is UNBELIEVABLE.

The Chasin’ Tails employees told Leilani that Shep wasn’t eating or sleeping. Not only that, her arthritic German shepherd had lost more than 5 pounds and also had a bleeding sore on his elbow. Leilani immediately expressed her outrage on the internet and wrote a harsh review about her “horrible experience” with Chasin’ Tails. Her review read,

I had a horrible experience here. I left my dog here for about 6 days, and I called in every day to see how he was doing. I specifically asked EVERY DAY how he was eating and drinking and if he was sleeping on a bed. They told me he was eating great, and using a dog bed. When I went to pick him up, he had a bleeding sore on his elbow, his eyes were sunken in, and he looked in much thinner body condition.

I asked why he looked so horrible, and was told he hadn’t eaten for the entire time I was gone, and that he had been sleeping on the floor instead of a dog bed the entire time. I guess the staff there had been lying to me when I called to check in on him. My dog had to be hospitalized that night due to dehydration and pain. The vet staff were horrified at his condition (they had all seen him shortly before this incident). Neither of the owners at Chasin Tails called me to see how he was doing after they knew he was hospitalized (I had called the facility that night to let them know), and actually told me I shouldn’t have brought him there because he was a senior (Would have been nice to know before they told me he’d be fine to board there at his age).

I approached the owner with the notion that they should record how much each of the dogs eat and drink, if they urinated or defecated, and if they have any vomiting or diarrhea. I told him that I knew there were other geriatric dogs staying at their facility and I was concerned for them as well. He told me the other dogs were none of my concern (I have my conversation with him recorded as well). I posted a review up on a website, and they had their lawyer send me a letter saying I had 4 days to take my review off, or they reserved the right to claim damages due to my posting (as if it is illegal to post negative reviews on the internet!). This is probably why it is so hard to find negative reviews of them.

They say they have nothing to hide, but why would they want me to take my review off then? I have vet records, pictures of my dog and voice recordings to back up all of my claims. I doubt I’m the only one they threaten with legal action for writing anything negative. It breaks my heart everytime I think about how many more years I could have had with my dog without this incident. It seems like common sense to me that if a dog doesn’t eat for 6 days you should seek veterinary attention, but that concept seemed to escape the staff there.

I realize that it was not their fault that my dog didn’t eat the entire time he was with them, but it is absolutely their fault for not only not informing me, but lying to me each and every day that I called in to check on my dog. I would strongly advise against this facility. Don’t carry the guilt that I have carried with me for years.

She said, “I was so angry that nobody told me and nobody sought veterinary attention.

As soon as she posted her review, the kennel threatened legal action. Shep died just four months later and Leilani was forced to give up on the matter.

What Happened In 2012 Encouraged Leilani To Fight For Her German Shepherd. See It Here.

A surveillance footage emerged in 2012 of Chasin’ Tails where an employee called Marc-Olivier Labonte was seen abusing a dog so badly that it vomited blood. This disturbing footage can be viewed here, although I don’t recommend that you watch it. It made me cry. What a nasty man to have mistreated the poor dog.

So as soon as this video came online, Leilani re-posted her review on Yelp and Google despite the threat of legal action. “I had a horrible experience here,” she wrote. “I would strongly advise against this facility. Don’t carry the guilt that I have carried with me for years.” As soon as this happened, Chasin’ Tails filed a defamation lawsuit for $70,000 against Leilani, who this time, didn’t remove the review and who was also expecting a baby.

I just felt guilty that I hadn’t fought harder to keep that review up,” she said. “It was purely principle.” Although Leilani won the right to speak about her horrible experience with Chasin’ Tails, she still had to pay up to $20,000, but still she says she has no regrets. “For me, my freedom of speech is priceless,” she said. “They shouldn’t be able to sue you for telling the truth… nobody should be able to bully anyone into censorship.

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