Are You Looking For A Service Dog? Here's A List To Help You Find One

Are You Looking For A Service Dog? Here's A List To Help You Find One

Service dogs aid us in ways that few of us can ever imagine, and they’re especially beneficial for children and adults with autism.

In order to help you find a service dog that fits right with your needs, here’s a list of resources that can tell you more about them!

1. 4 Paws for Ability. This nonprofit organization aims to enrich children and veteran lives with task-trained service pups, allowing for higher levels of independence. The group also takes part in education regarding service dogs, and also in animal rescue.

2. Assistance Dogs International. Called ADI for short, this group acts as a coalition of non-profit service dog groups. Their mission is to improve training, placement, utilization, and education for staff and dogs under these organizations. They also advocate for the legal rights of those who have service dogs.

3. Autism Service Dogs of America. Known as ASDA, this organization provides well-trained service dogs that act as an emotional anchor and as physical protectors for children – and other individuals – with autism.

4. Blessings Unleashed. This program works to shape rescue dogs into excellent service pups for children with autism through a training and placing program. They also educate those who need them on the proper utilization and care for these pups.

5. Canine Companions for Independence. This non-profit organization is the largest provider of assistance pups, and as such, it is well-recognized for providing excellent matches between their highly-trained dogs and the people they are placed with.

6. Custom Canines Service Dog Academy. This non-profit organization consists of volunteer professionals and individuals dedicated to creating and supporting long-lasting partnerships between those with disabilities and the service dogs they are paired with. Pups with this group are placed without added cost.

7. North Star Foundation. This not-for-profit group has operated for over fifteen years and aims to help children who face social, emotional, or educational hurdles by providing them with animal assisted therapy, service dog placements, and school visits. They have created over 250 matches to this day.

Whatever you’re going through, you are not alone, and plenty of good boys and girls who work as service pups are more than happy to help! Please like and share this information with those who may find it useful!

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