After Losing Her Best Friend, Pup's Mealtime Routine Will Warm Your Heart..

After Losing Her Best Friend, Pup's Mealtime Routine Will Warm Your Heart..

Pups grow loving friendships and relationships with other pets they share a home with, and just like humans, may even consider them family.

It’s therefore no surprise that they can also feel the grief that comes from the loss of one of their friends.

In Easton Durfur’s home, pups share their food bowls. His pups Cookie and Stitch ate out of the same bowl. Cookie would have her meal first, and Stitch had successfully trained his sister to always leave half of the food for him to eat after.


As a result, Cookie would leave sufficient food behind for Stitch to get a full meal out of. It’s quite a lovely practice! Recently, Stitch passed away, leaving his Daddy Easton and pup sibling Cookie behind.


Daddy, now only feeding one doggy, filled Cookie’s bowl with one serving of food instead of two because the second pup was no longer around. But what Cookie did surprised him!

Despite the lesser amount of food in the bowl than usual, Cookie only ate half of the bowl, leaving the rest for her brother who was missing from their home.


The gesture was enough to bring anyone to tears, and it touched Daddy’s heart to see that even though her brother was no longer with them, Cookie still remembered to leave some food for him.

This pup misses and loves her brother, and she won’t be forgetting about him anytime soon. Rest in peace, Stitch! Like and share this touching tale.

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