Lost Dogs Get Inside Cops Car To Surprise Them When They Return!

Lost Dogs Get Inside Cops Car To Surprise Them When They Return!

When officers from the Saxony-Anhalt Police in Germany answered a call to clear off debris from a highway in Autobahn, they’d been expecting a boring run-of-the-mill job. As they finished off cleaning the road and glanced back to where their patrol car was parked, they discovered that their day had gotten a lot more interesting!

Sitting snugly in the patrol car, which had its doors open, were two adorable dogs. Taken aback, the officers couldn’t find any identification or collars on them, but the message that the pups were sending was clear: they had gotten lost and wanted help, and their instincts had led them to the best possible place to get that help from!

The officers, who could only describe the pups as “determined”, couldn’t be sure whether the pups have families or not, but they seemed well cared for. They decided to bundle the pups up and take them to a nearby animal shelter.

Luckily, as it turned out, the pups did have a family out there! A few hours later, the police received a call from a family that had lost two dogs in some confusion, and of course, it turned out that their missing pups were the ones that had just been placed in the shelter. It seems that everything turned out well in the end!

Images & Feature Image Source: Polizei Sachsen-Anhalt

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